Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, chances are someone else had the same one. Here’s a list of answers to common queries we get.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, chances are someone else had the same one. Here’s a list of answers to common queries we get.

Frequently Asked Questions2023-02-23T11:28:28-03:30
Do I need a referral from my doctor for a sleep study?2023-04-11T13:33:57-02:30

No, you can schedule a sleep study with us directly.

Do I need a prescription for CPAP/BPAP Therapy?2023-04-17T22:56:18-02:30

Yes, you will need a prescription from a physician before we can treat you.

How long is the wait for sleep studies?2023-04-11T13:34:35-02:30

No more than 2 weeks.

How do I know which snoring option is right for me?2023-04-17T22:43:51-02:30

The most appropriate snoring option will depend largely on the determined cause and severity. As such, It is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional or sleep specialist to determine the most appropriate route to take.

What’s the difference between a PAP Device and alternative snoring options?2023-04-17T22:44:17-02:30

The main difference between PAP devices and alternative snoring options is that PAP devices are medical devices that treat sleep apnea by delivering positive airway pressure, while alternative snoring options such as EPAP devices and ExciteOSA devices are designed to address snoring specifically.

Do I need a prescription to purchase a snoring mask?2023-04-17T22:44:04-02:30

No prescription is required to purchase a snoring mask or any alternative snoring treatment option. A prescription IS needed, however, to purchase a PAP device.

Can I use a full mask with any PAP device?2023-04-24T20:09:55-02:30

Generally speaking, full-face masks are compatible with any PAP device. With that said, it’s worth consulting with your healthcare provider or a sleep specialist to ensure compatibility and proper usage.

Is a prescription required to purchase a full face mask?2023-04-24T20:09:37-02:30

No, you do not need a prescription to buy a full-face mask. However, a prescription is required to purchase a PAP device.

What’s the difference between a full face mask and a nasal mask?2023-05-08T17:18:39-02:30

The primary difference between the two is the coverage area. In other words, a full face mask covers the nose and the mouth, while a nasal mask only covers the nose. As such, full face masks are likely to be more suitable for those who breathe through their mouth whilst sleeping.

How do I know which PAP mask is right for me?2023-05-08T17:19:28-02:30

Choosing the right PAP mask comes down to several factors, including but not limited to your unique preferences, sleeping position, air pressure required, and comfort. It also depends on whether or not you’re a mouth breather, nasal breather, or a combination of the two.

We here at Breathe Well can help guide you through the entire process, from identification to purchase!

Can I use a nasal mask with any PAP device?2023-05-08T17:17:21-02:30

Yes, all PAP masks, nasal masks included, are universally compatible with any PAP device. In fact, nasal masks are the most commonly used type of mask across any PAP device. The one exception, however, is the ResMed AirMini which is NOT universally compatible.

Do I need a prescription to purchase a nasal mask?2023-05-08T17:17:53-02:30

No prescription is required for nasal masks, or any type of PAP mask for that matter. The only time a prescription is needed is for the purchase of a PAP device itself.

What supplies and accessories are needed with a PAP device?2023-05-08T17:51:49-02:30

A variety of supplies and accessories are needed, or at the very least preferred, to ensure the effectiveness and comfort of your personal PAP device. This may include but is certainly not limited to tubing, filters, humidifiers, CPAP cleaning supplies, CPAP pillows, skin moisturizers, and batteries.

At Breathe Well, we offer a comprehensive selection of PAP accessories to meet the unique needs of our customers. Whether you’re looking to improve the quality of your sleep or enhance your PAP therapy experience, we have the accessories you need to achieve your goals.

Do I need a prescription to buy sleep accessories?2023-05-08T17:52:44-02:30

No prescription is needed to purchase accessories. However, a prescription will be required in order to be able to purchase a PAP device.

If you’re uncertain as to which accessories you require and when to seek out a prescription, Simply send an inquiry to your primary care physician, sleep expert, or us here at Breathe Well; we can help steer you in the right direction.

How often should I clean my PAP machine?2023-04-17T22:53:30-02:30

It’s recommended that you wipe down your PAP mask daily and wash the water chamber, hose, filter and mask weekly to prevent the buildup of bacteria and other contaminants.

How do I clean my PAP machine?2023-04-04T16:49:48-02:30

It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s manual. At its most basic, this is likely to involve the disassembling of the device itself, the cleaning of individual components, and an allowance for air drying before use.

What’s the difference between a CPAP, BiPAP, and an APAP machine?2023-04-04T16:50:25-02:30

On a macro level, each type of PAP device provides and delivers a unique level(s) of air pressure. On a micro level, a standard CPAP device delivers continuous air pressure, a BiPAP device delivers two distinct levels of air pressure, and an APAP device allows for the automatic adjustment of air pressure based on a patient’s breathing patterns.

Do I require a prescription to purchase a PAP device?2023-04-04T16:51:08-02:30

Yes, a referral from your physician is generally required to purchase any PAP device. We can work with your personal physician to ensure the appropriate prescription is, in fact, being prescribed.

How do I determine which PAP device is most suitable for my needs?2023-04-04T16:51:32-02:30

We can help guide you through the entire process, from identification to selection. We do so by taking into account the uniqueness of your circumstance, your ideals and preferences, as well as your overall lifestyle.

Where are sleep studies held?2023-01-16T16:11:58-03:30

At your house.  We’ll provide the device and the instructions; you set it up at home and sleep for the night.

What is involved in a sleep study?2023-01-16T16:12:09-03:30

After the patient books their appointment, they will come and get the necessary equipment to take home. A CPAP administrator will provide detailed instructions on how to properly perform the test and/or will send the instructions virtually.

What kind of treatments could I expect?2023-02-23T11:27:41-03:30

CPAP or BIPAP therapy are the most common treatments offered for sleep apnea. Once proper testing is performed, the appropriate treatment will be implemented.

Does insurance cover CPAP therapy?2023-02-23T11:27:39-03:30

Yes, in most cases but we always advise you to contact your provider for details.

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