Everything you may need and where to go to get it.


Everything you may need and where to go to get it.


At Breathe Well, we sell a large variety of PAP devices,  mask interfaces, and CPAP accessories from top-quality brands including Lowenstein, ResMed, Fisher & Paykel, and Philips. Our professional team of respiratory therapists will work with you to determine which sleep equipment best suits your specific needs to ensure you are comfortable and receive a good night’s rest.

How to Purchase Sleep Equipment

For those looking to purchase a mask or sleep accessories, no referral is needed. If you are looking to purchase a PAP device, you will require a referral which can be obtained from your doctor. Most Group and Private medical insurance policies provide some coverage however, there is no government funding.

To purchase equipment, please contact your local Breathe Well clinic. We are able to arrange equipment to be shipped in most cases if needed.

Seniors Day for 60+!

On the first Monday of every month receive 20% off ​the purchase of a CPAP mask.

We Sell Top Quality Sleep Equipment

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If you are interested in purchasing sleep supplies, please contact us for details!

A few of the trusted brands we work with

Have questions about sleep supplies? We have answers.

Do I need a prescription for CPAP/BPAP Therapy?2023-04-17T22:56:18-02:30

Yes, you will need a prescription from a physician before we can treat you.

Does insurance cover CPAP therapy?2023-02-23T11:27:39-03:30

Yes, in most cases but we always advise you to contact your provider for details.

What kind of treatments could I expect?2023-02-23T11:27:41-03:30

CPAP or BIPAP therapy are the most common treatments offered for sleep apnea. Once proper testing is performed, the appropriate treatment will be implemented.

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