Nasal Masks

We can help find the right device for you.

Nasal Masks

We can help find the right device for you.

Nasal Masks2023-07-31T17:35:36-02:30

While various sleeping masks can accompany a PAP device, nasal masks are amongst the most popular, and for good reason. First, they have fewer contact points than other, more robust sleeping masks. Second, they are much lighter on the face than full-face masks due to relative size.

The end result of its minimal yet functional design? You guessed it… comfort and a more restful night’s sleep!

So, what is a nasal mask? Well, its name is quite self-explanatory. Simply put, a nasal mask is a type of mask that covers the nose and is held in place by straps that wrap around the head. Like other PAP masks, nasal masks also deliver pressurized air from the connected PAP device, helping those with sleep disruption issues enjoy a more sound night’s rest.

Within the nasal mask category, there are a few common types worth mentioning:

  • Standard Nasal Mask
  • Nasal Cradle Mask
  • Nasal Pillow Mask

Whatever your masks needs are here at Breathe Well, we have you covered.

Standard Nasal Masks We Carry

While full face masks are necessary for some, the nasal mask is an option for others. Nasal masks are minimally intrusive, have less facial contact, and therefore less irritation than the full face mask. The nasal masks come in a variety of designs, having something suitable for everyone.

Note that if you’re a mouth breather, nasal masks are NOT for you…

At Breathe Well, we carry a variety of nasal mask options, each with its own features and benefits. Below is a summarized list of the selection you have to choose from:

ResMed Airfit N20 Nasal

ResMed’s most popular nasal mask due, in large part, to its universal comfort and fit, the AirFit N20 is both soft, flexible, and cushioned, suitable for 99% of users.


  • InfinitySeal cushion is designed to stay sealed at any airflow pressure setting.
  • Magnetic clips mean two simple snaps, and your mask is on or off.
  • Quick-release elbow allows you to get up at night and disconnect without removing the mask.
  • Plush headgear and a soft, flexible frame provide added comfort.

Philips DreamWisp Nasal

With a unique “top of the head” tube design, the Philips DreamWisp nasal mask was designed with comfort in mind, providing patients with little to no disruption during wear.


  • Top-of-head tube- Patients can sleep in any position they desire—on their stomach, side, or back – without having the hose in front of their face.
  • Minimal headgear design- DreamWisp delivers airflow within the frame, provides an open line of sight, and uses a smaller footprint than traditional nasal masks.
  • Easy-to-use magnetic clips- Magnetic clips enable quick assembly and release of the headgear, which can be especially useful for patients who have dexterity issues.
  • Minimal contact nasal cushion- Proven Wisp cushion technology provides minimal contact with the face while creating an optimal seal for patients as they sleep.

Philips Wisp Nasal

Minimally invasive yet maximally functional, the Philips Wisp nasal mask seeks to prioritize performance without forgetting about comfort.


  • Wisp provides patients with a better quality of sleep over the leading pillows and nasal masks, thanks to its soft and comfortable design.
  • The compact design comfortably fits more than 98% of patients. Wisp offers the performance of a nasal mask with the style of a nasal pillows mask.
  • Thanks to the open field of vision, patients can read, watch TV, and even wear glasses before they go to sleep.
  • The Wisp headgear is easy to adjust with simple clips.

Fisher & Paykel Eson™

The F&P Eson is designed to perform in tune with you and your needs. It incorporates three key components, the RollFit™ Seal, ErgoFit™ Headgear, and Easy Frame, all designed to work in harmony.


  • Easy on patients and bed partners- The F&P Eson is super quiet with minimal draft allowing for an undisrupted sleep for you and your bed partner.
  • Easy clean- With only three simple parts, the F&P Eson mask is easy to clean and reassemble.

Fisher & Paykel Eson™ 2

Eson 2 was designed to meet the needs of patients and sleep professionals at every important milestone in the CPAP therapy journey.


  • Eson™ 2 – designed for ease of use-  The Intuitive Headgear provides fitting options for patients, including the ability to stretch the mask directly over the head.
  • Incorporating VisiBlue™ highlights- F&P Eson 2 features VisiBlue™ highlights to provide visual cues for simpler, quicker, and more intuitive patient education and to aid the patient in fitting, disassembly, and reassembly.

Nasal Cradle Masks We Carry

Designed with your comfort in mind, these masks feature a unique cradle design that gently rests under your nose, providing a secure and unobtrusive fit. The open-face design ensures minimal facial contact, allowing for a greater sense of freedom and reducing feelings of claustrophobia. Experience a restful night’s sleep with our nasal cradle masks, engineered to deliver optimal therapy while prioritizing your comfort and ease of use.

At Breathe Well, we carry two best-in-class nasal cradle masks for you to choose from:

ResMed AirFit N30

ResMed’s lightest mask ever- AirFit N30, features a soft, under-the-nose nasal cradle cushion and slip-on headgear.


  • QuickFit headgear is easy to pull on and quickly adjust if needed.
  • Low-profile design gives you the confidence to wear it around loved ones.
  • QuietAir vent technology is designed to minimize noise.
  • Incredibly soft, curved cushion comfortably cradles under your nose.
  • Narrow profile design seals well and is perfect for side sleepers.
  • Only three parts make it easy to take apart, clean, and reassemble.

Philips DreamWear Under the Nose

The DreamWear nasal cushion is designed to fit the innovative under-the-nose design of the DreamWear mask, providing an effective but comfortable seal with minimal contact that prevents red marks.


  • Like wearing nothing at all- Designed to provide many of the benefits of nasal and pillows masks, DreamWear allows patients to have the best of both mask types. Its remarkable design directs airflow through the frame so patients can sleep comfortably.
  • Multiple sizes for any patient- Nasal cushions come in four different size options so you can find the right fit that works for almost any nose shape.
  • Under-the-nose comfort- DreamWear’s innovative nasal cushion design prevents red marks, discomfort, or irritation in the nostrils or on the nose bridge.
  • Simple switching of cushions- The DreamWear mask is designed to quickly and easily switch cushion types without changing masks, giving the user multiple options for success.

Nasal Pillow Masks We Carry

Definitely among the most comfortable, lightweight, and smallest PAP masks on the market, nasal pillow masks are often invested in by those who prefer and can afford greater freedom whilst sleeping. They’re also most commonly invested in by those who find full-face masks to be claustrophobic, overwhelming, and largely disruptive.

Similar to standard nasal masks, nasal pillow masks are most suitable for those who prefer to sleep on their side or stomachs and for those who don’t have inherent mouth-breathing issues. Contrary to standard nasal masks, however, nasal pillow masks cover the nostrils and only the nostrils, providing even more comfort and freedom than its predecessor.

At Breathe Well, we carry the following nasal pillow masks for you to choose from:

ResMed Airfit P30i

Boasting many similarities to the rest of the ResMed nasal mask line-up, the AirFit P30i too is quiet, comfortable, and compact, whilst remaining feature-heavy where it matters.


  • Top-of-head connection keeps air tubing out of your way for more freedom.
  • QuietAir™ vent reduces sound to only 21 decibels – quieter than a soft whisper.
  • Nearly 4 out of 5 CPAP users find it provides an excellent seal.
  • Slip-on design makes it simple to put on and take off.
  • Quick-release elbow allows you to get up at night and disconnect without removing the mask.

Philips DreamWear Silicone Pillows

The DreamWear silicone pillows cushion is an all-silicone, minimally invasive nasal pillows cushion. It is designed to fit the innovative DreamWear mask that lets patients sleep in any position.


  • Lighter than the previous generation tube-at-top-of-head nasal pillows masks, the cushion is made with soft silicone for added comfort.
  • Multiple sizes for any patient- The DreamWear silicone pillows cushion is designed using our advanced 3D facial scan technology and conforms to various nostril shapes and sizes. The cushions come in four convenient sizes to fit almost any nose shape.
  • Secure fit, seal, and stability- The stalk-less cone-shaped design of the silicone pillows cushion provides patients with a secure fit and seal.

ResMed Airfit P10 

Packed with features yet minimal in its design and assembly, the ResMed AirFit P10 is ideal for those looking for pillow-like comfort with a whisper-like sound.


  • Nasal pillows cushion is designed to provide stability so the mask doesn’t move around when you switch sleep positions.
  • Slip-on headgear is simple to put on and allows you to watch TV or read in bed while wearing the mask.
  • Only three pieces makes assembly, fitting, and cleaning a breeze.
  • QuietAir™ vents reduce sound to only 21 decibels – quieter than a soft whisper.
  • New QuickFit™ headgear clip offers easy adjustability.

Are YOU In Need of a PAP Mask?

Do you suffer from snoring, chronic fatigue, or other sleep interruption issues? If so, you are possibly living with a sleep disorder. Depending on its severity, a PAP mask and device might be in your near future…

Luckily, we here at Breathe Well are here to guide you toward the most optimal solution that meets your unique sleeping needs. For starters, we’ve developed our very own self-referral program whereby you, the patient, can sign up for a sleep study without the need for a doctor’s referral.

If a sleep disorder is identified, we will then proceed to help find the best solution for you.

To get started, contact us by clicking the button below!

Have questions about Nasal Masks? We have answers.

Do I need a prescription to purchase a nasal mask?2023-05-08T17:17:53-02:30

No prescription is required for nasal masks, or any type of PAP mask for that matter. The only time a prescription is needed is for the purchase of a PAP device itself.

Can I use a nasal mask with any PAP device?2023-05-08T17:17:21-02:30

Yes, all PAP masks, nasal masks included, are universally compatible with any PAP device. In fact, nasal masks are the most commonly used type of mask across any PAP device. The one exception, however, is the ResMed AirMini which is NOT universally compatible.

What’s the difference between a full face mask and a nasal mask?2024-02-20T15:39:08-03:30

The primary difference between the two is the coverage area. In other words, a full face mask covers the nose and the mouth, while a nasal mask only covers the nose. As such, full face masks are likely to be more suitable for those who breathe through their mouth whilst sleeping.

How do I know which PAP mask is right for me?2023-05-08T17:19:28-02:30

Choosing the right PAP mask comes down to several factors, including but not limited to your unique preferences, sleeping position, air pressure required, and comfort. It also depends on whether or not you’re a mouth breather, nasal breather, or a combination of the two.

We here at Breathe Well can help guide you through the entire process, from identification to purchase!

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